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Welcome to FUTURA!

The most advanced Assistance management platform currently available worldwide, created by MAPFRE ASISTENCIA

What is Futura?

A new Assistance concept that uses technological innovations to automate the Assistance process, assigning the most appropriate resource and tracking the service
The traditional procedure comprised six phases for providing a road assistance service:
First, User requests the assistance
Second, User contacts assistance center
Third, Call Center contacts provider
Fourth, Provider contacts mechanic
Fifth, Provider carries out requested service
Sixth, The MAPFRE ASISTENCIA operations center tracks the service manually and sends it to the client company.

With Futura, this operation is shortened from six to three phases by a full automation of the service:

First, User requests assistance
Second, Contacts assistance center
Third, Futura automatically assigns the most appropriate resource for the service.

This process is tracked in full by MAPFRE ASISTENCIA, which can participate in it at any point if necessary.

As an innovative model worldwide, MAPFRE ASISTENCIA's Futura offers several competitive advantages for its corporate clients, users and service providers of the company.

For corporate clients, Futura means:
• Increase in the quality of the services offered to users
• Total control of the process in the assistance service, thereby preventing fraud
• Reduction of the loss rate and optimisation of costs per service
• Increased user fidelity
• In short, increased profitability for your business.

For users, Futura means:
• Greater security and protection, as information is available at all times on the service to be provided and who will provide it
• Swift solution of an undesirable situation
• Efficiency in the response to your client company
• Increased loyalty to your company.

For service providers, Futura means:
• Increased productivity and quality of the service offered
• More efficient management of vehicle fleet and drivers
• Reduced costs.

With Futura, MAPFRE ASISTENCIA again differentiates itself in the market by an efficient and flexible Assistance business model.
Futura is implemented in Europe and Latin America, and will soon be implemented in Asia and Africa

Futura, the future of Assistance has arrived!